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Air LiquideTM Canada continues to remain at the leading edge of the quickly evolving field of welding. As a result, we are pleased to share helpful information on common arc welding processes, valuable charts and equations, all aimed at facilitating your task in the selection of welding products.

These technical reference tools represent a good basis of information required for foremen or engineers to efficiently manage the welding applications.


Basic knowledge on welding applications

Every welding application is briefly described along with the required equipment and relevant standards you need to refer to.

Welding Applications SMAW-FCAW-GMAW-GTAW-SAW


Appendices - Welding references and guides

For a complete listing of basic welding terminology, consult our "Terms and Definitions":

A-178 Terms and definitions


For information on the following, download "A Section":

  • Metrication
  • Pressure and stress equivalents
  • English/metric (SI) - Impact strength conversion factors
  • Gas low rates - Conversion table
  • Types of joints and welding positions
  • Symbols for welding

A section (190 to 201)


You need to estimate filler metal costs? Essential reference tables and calculation examples can be found in "B section":

  • Table 1 - Filler welds
  • Table 2 - Double V-groove
  • Table 3 - Butt joint segments
  • Table 4 - Deposition efficiency
  • Table 5 - Actual efficiency including stub loss
  • Table 6A - Covered electrodes specs
  • Table 6B - GMAW - FCAW wire specs
  • Approximate quantity of electrodes per kilogram (with basic Blueshield electrodes)
  • Weight of wire per 1000 mm (3.3 ft) length

B section (202 to 212)


Learn proper storage and reconditioning of filler metals, and get a complete list of shielding gases for GMAW, FCAW and GTAW applications in section "C-D"

C - D section (213 to 217)


Sections E-F provide useful reference tables for:

  • Classification of steels according to base metals code designations and filler metal classifications (AISI, SAE, ASME and CSA
  • Mechanical properties of plates, floor plates, bars and welded shapes
  • Mechanical properties of rolled shapes and sheet piling
  • Mechanical properties of hollow sections
  • Standard Impact test temperature for specified category
  • Standard charpy impact energy for specified grade
  • ASME QW-422 P numbers

E - F section (218 to 228)


For general recommendations for arc welding of ASTM steels with Air LiquideTM filler metals, dowload section "G":

G section (229 to 257)

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